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Jesus said to his disciples: "The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few." When He sent His apostles into the world, He instructed them to teach all nations. We are too few in comparison with the greatness of the goal of this task. This is the state of things. We stand, stunned by this huge commission, sometimes we are sad, seeing our own strength and capabilities.

What did the disciples think then, when Christ gave them this commission? After all, then it was no easier for them than for us today.

We accept bitcoin for spreading the Gospel. "Biblical Facts" One of the big projects in Russian. You can help us develop and move forward.

Currently, 2 good missionaries work on the project. They are dedicated people.

If you like something here or it is useful, and you do not know how to express your gratitude, you can help in this God's work. After all, this is a very kind.

Biblical Christian Foundation - We are moving forward and expanding our mission and ministry.